Do You See Me?

Do you see me, whenever you close your eyes?
Can you see me, smiling? Because of something silly we both did.
Do you remember the first time our hands touched?
That feeling of relief, and butterflies in our stomachs.
Can you see me laughing? The sound you said you will always remember.
I can see you, I see you pacing the room we once slept in together.
I can see you, wondering if it was something you did.
I can see you, blaming yourself for not being there,
that night it all ended for me.
Could you see me? Taking the bottle of pills from the cabinet.
Could you see me? Whenever all the life vanished,
from the eyes you loved so much.
I can see you, asking why this happened.
I can see you, praying and asking for a sign,
that it is all just a dream.
I can see you, barely moving through life, day by day.
Can you see me now? Slowly sinking into the darkness,
that crept into my soul for the past few years.
Do you remember me pulling away, shutting myself out from people?
Can you see me slowly dying?
Do you see me still, like you use to?

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