Do you think we are free

By Nikki   

Freedom was never supposed to be a world of nothing but slaves
Still as they try to convince us to believing free is all that we are
While continuing to control our hearts and our minds
Imprison those who stand and fight all the evil crimes The truth is barely even known as if gone from our world
As the Rich destroy all our ancestors built, stealing everything from the sick and the poor
Families starving while the rest of this world turns their head
Some without so much as a roof over their heads, alone, begging anyone they can for just a bite of food
Not ever even knowing if they will wake up the very next day
We all need to open our eyes Wake up from this dream that we are living in a world so happy so free
Stand strong, fight back, speak for all that can't do anything but
Hope and wait
Prove to this world love is alive and if you open your heart and your eyes peace will always be found
If all come together to love and be peaceful and kind then no doubt no matter what we will win the final round.


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The illusion that we are free