Do you want more?

As I lay waiting for that someone to hold me and touch my body, I began to groan from the sound of a whisper;

While I lay groaning passionately as those fingers caressed my lips teasingly, I began to drip from every place and as as his tongue caressed my chest, I exploded with a whimper;

Then those fingers gripped my hair tenderly as I lay moaning intensely, the other hand gently embraced my ear, allowing a slight release;

Then the tongue traced my outer ear causing another release to escape through my clenched teeth;

Softly, that tongue slowly traced from my ear back back to my lips, down the center of my neck, causing me to drip even more;

As a hand gently wrapped around the front of my neck, the other grasp my breast and all that could be seen was mere wanting;

As the heat of passion grew and the tears of lust rolled gently, all could be said is – don't go!

Slowly but gently, those lips pressed against the other breast with the tongue tracing, to start a test;

The hand on the throat moved slowly down to the inner thigh, parting them but refusing to enter inside;

Gently the tongue waived back and fourth in the air above the nipple, not to touch it or arouse it, then only speaking these words -can I come inside of you?

The tears got wetter and the body began to arch, wanting to be teased more while waiting for that true intimate touch;

Slowly the lips blew on the nipple, softening the tears that had been flowing so much;

A soft kiss was placed upon the nipple while the other hand pulled firmly creating more appeal;

Intently but tenderly the breast were suckled-

Slowly the mouth stopped caressing the breast and moved slowly in between the legs, only to check to see how far to continue to test how ready they really were ;

Then one whisper said “Can I?” and the response was “Yes, right now!”

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