Do You?

Your eyes are cloudy,
And you exhale in deep color.
Do you dance like you used to?
You tasted sweet, if I remember.
Do you recall me, I wonder?
When will I see you again?
While you're away in clouds of grey,
And I'm left to recover.
All the world spun with you;
To you I grew like a sunflower.
But you were not the sun,
Though not unlike a twirling ember.
Do you think, pensive, and remember?
I know each dancing, flirting, fire-
Ones that spun just like you do.
Those that flee by rain and thunder.

Though within the clouds you lay,
Far, thinking in those clouds of grey-
Ones that cast shadows on each color,
That dim the sunrise and morning light,
They sit, still upon each shoulder,
The many, flirting stars of day.
Hitherto, I did not dance,
And I will not, yet I must ask.
Do you?

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