We've got a parasitic plant called Dodder
That loves to grow where it shouldn't oughter.
And a fast-growing herb, Jewelweed,
On which this sap-sucker loves to feed.

Most kids like Jewelweed very much.
Its spring-loaded seeds take off when you touch.
Now dodder is a stringy and sinuous beast
That grips the Snapweed for a steady feast.

the tip of Hairweed waves round and round.
Finds the pheremone--Snapweed is bound.
I wonder if Devilguts feels euphoria
Piercing the victim's stem with haustoria?

This Love Vine is unpardonably rude
What lover steals the loved one's food?
This invisible witch must have lots of feet.
All the shoelaces untied, not very neat.

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