Does anyone really care?

Falling down from who knows where
when will i land does anyone care?
a family of black butterflies escape from my gut
leaving a trail of splattered black gushing blood.

my screams as i keep falling, are muffled by my hair
when will i land does anyone care?
colors are drained from the butterfly’s wings
as is my body, can’t gracefully sing

i see the winged insects flying away up there
when will i land does anyone care?
i see the sky crying red faded paint
as blue drops float up, i’m about to fall faint.

now i’m just wafting lightly on air
if i should land will anyone really care?
i don’t turn around to see how close is the ground
i don’t want to consider how my frame will be found.

i’m falling again and start weeping "No fair"
for i know when i land no-one will care.

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This Poems Story

When we are down, how many people are there to help? how many people really care what happens to you?