Does God Exist

In every form and every thing ,
Why do I see you in flying wings .
Flying birds in the sky ,
Or bursting clouds when they cry.
In every breath you are there,
Eyes open or shut you are present everywhere.
Illusionary world is lovely and fair,
Some times it's full of scare.
What ever I see or perceive ,
It's nothing else but only Thee .
Be it river or a stream,
Or water rushing in in the sea .
When I see this splendid creation ,
I am mystified by your evolution .
You have your own ways to show ,
That u are present in every seed you sow .
Don't get involved with colour and sway,
With time only they fade away .
No guaranty of breath we take ,
So we know this life is fake .
How can the creation be,
Without a creator which is Thee .
Every where you exist,
Can feel you in the storm and mist.
I see you always all around,
Your ways of showing are profound .

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