Does it Hurt When you Breath

Silently in the corner did she seethe,
Does it hurt when you breathe?
This penniless woman had nothing to bequeath.
She lay covered in her quilt beneath.

Awaiting the laughter and staring at the doorway,
Why didn’t she see the children play?
The little souls, choked by smoke near the pathway.
Engulfed by pollution, the atmosphere was grey.

Gazing at the sky from so far,
She only wondered, why don't i see a star?
The poisonous gas had left a scar.
She was gasping for breath since an hour

We are inhaling this venomous air,
Have we destroyed nature, beyond repair?
The woods and green, the balsam pear,
We don't see greenery everywhere.

The first ray of the sun, takes away our pain
Why don't we pledge to plant a tree again?
A New Day, A new beginning, is all we hope to gain
Let’s save our planet Earth and get rid of this bane

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