Does she knows

As time goes by my feeling for you are falling apart , but my heart still telling that I love you very much . because the risk you took for me as a couple and as friend. My love for you is very strong if only you realize how much I love you, you would understand why I do the things I do. It's not for jealously not for revenge it's because I made a promise I chose to make. Situation happen as the world turn a child was brought to life and happy as free bird, but now that your gone. My heart is crying tears are dropping down my eyes and they froze like Ice, even thought we're not together I always consider her like she was mine, but in reality she is not. I tried my best to be your friend, but I know I did a lot of mistakes . I can't change how our relationship went if only your willing to give me another chances . I made a promise to myself. if i'm willing to change would you accept me for who i am, and promise me for a better chance . I know I did you wrong and I'm paying for my mistakes , but the only thing I can't explain is the fear toward my pain . Today I thank you for who i am you kept me out of trouble and guide me the right way.

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