Does the World Know?

Vague express the death that is upon us left not a return of fold. That is for now dead souls return one without health. It is to the earth as zombies to capture monsters humans in form. The moments for not now coherent arrogant but into lost. Its past the eternal ash graves spilled afflict death that every man woman child baby has to face in the end times.

It is in a corpse figure will see hell no heaven on planet earth. Who still acrid basic model harrowing? Who kills often without a feel to heal any person or animal this could be upon with a trigger? The black or white the Hispanic or Asian the one hand a man a woman and a kid under ten it could be. That is human they ruined doing explaining this in lines. Where it was? I have chosen the final hours chosen to dumb minds to teach respect. The things that sting wasp truth about the best poet Harkiel which is me in the rain form chic effects experimental test.

In a plan that would ring in a singing able to express agile. This is when in the meaning of glib miniature insect pest crawl. This is the course of the valley uphill adverse effects. The uncommon in its words a fiend riding alone in his automobile driven by; voices that are unknown screaming auspicious tones. In the graveyards far gone deprived ill picks shown left alone in stone meal tickets thrown.

The days count long to be here humane could it be? In the steer without you dear music beat maker lady come here elate make this one for free paid. This is with me to live without pain. On a beautiful escape from dooms place rise that await even when never can escape this to say I'm clever create great lines.

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This is just a rant about me expressing the greatness of all my poems.