Doesn\’t Everybody

I am a child in this world
A tiny seedling in a vast forest
And like any; I want things
But I don’t want Barbies nor iPad
I want everyone to be full; never starving; never wanting them to wish they were dead
Or them praying and looking up to the heavens
For they wanting to live a different life
I want them to feel like a piggybank that never runs out
Or like a well that never dries
But doesn’t everybody want that
I want everybody to look at each other and see their differences and accept them
Like looking through a magnifying glass and awing in sight
But doesn’t everybody want that
I want everyone to respect each other
Not see them as tiny pawns on a chess board nor object they can use and discard
But doesn’t everybody want that
I want one to be equal as the next
Where people get the same chances and succeed
But doesn’t everybody want that
I want a child to go to a building and feel safe
But doesn’t everybody
I want to live in a world where black, shiny objects don’t get to decide whether someone breathes again
Or goes into an eternal slumber
I want to live in a world where people don’t kill for green pieces of paper
But doesn’t everybody
I want this vast every changing sphere of rock to last forever
To be pure and clean for every generation to step foot on it
But doesn’t everybody
So I think to myself
On a cool summer night
Staring at the sky
Smelling the smoke crawl down my esophagusand lurch into my lungs
Laying on field where paper and plastic circles along
And hearing cries of sirens break the silence of the night
And feeling the constant vibrate of a new news report on my phone
If everybody wants it
Why isn’t it fixed?
If everybody wants it
Why is there still smoke clinging to my insides
Why is there paper and plastic dancing around me?
Why there is the plunging yells of sirens ringing in my ear
Why is there machines killing people and presidents hurting their own country for green paper
And only then I realized
Only then when I saw the world crumble before me
Only then I saw
People don’t want it
They say they do
People don’t want it
They act as if they want it
So they can have the feeling of a surge and grip of a demon
Coming into your body when you breathe and hooking on to your insides
What demon you ask
The demon of power
For the demon takes its long, crooked finger and digs it deep into your brain
And it pokes in prods till it finds the little box in your brain named goodness
And it wraps its finger around it and pulls it out
It crushes it and feeds new information in it
Preaching that power equals money
And money equals happiness
What a wrong concept that is
Anyone can see
How can you have happiness when your fellow brothers are dying all around you?
And your very home that has let you constantly hurt so you can survive is dying
How can you
And until people realize this
Until people can let the angel of goodness rip the demon of power apart to shreds from their brain completely
Until people stop faking wanting it
And actually do want it
Only then can
Kids can lie down in a fresh clean smelling park or chase butterflies
And children can eat and wear what they want to
And no one feels scared
But unfortunately
I’m afraid
People will only see this until the world actually does crumble
But that will be too late
For then
Nothing can fix the utter destruction of mankind

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