Doing Battle with Ones Thoughts

What goes on inside your head, thoughts you can't control
Imaginations running wild, a system overload
Who's in command of what you think, spontaneous or perceived
Can everything that goes on there, really be believed.
Why do you feel dejected, rejected or forlorn?
Is there madness creeping in, insanity being born
Sight and touch, hear and smell are all within your power
But what goes on inside your head during your darkest hour.
Wandering from dark to black thoughts elude your grasp
Sense and plausibility impossible you ask
Death and Illness fuel your head where optimism lived
Confusion and delusion is a present you now give
Try to think of pleasant things when demon's stalk your mind
Childhood ways, perfect days, people being kind
Doing battle with ones thoughts has now become a quest
From it there’s no safe guard, no sympathy, no rest
Nightmarish thoughts have now become a comfort and a friend
No matter where you put them they'll be with you to the end.

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