I watched you as you walked down the aisle clearly trying to decide which doll will be worth your while.

Of course you stop and take a look at me I’ve been a routine stop for so many.

But I am one in a million so when you pick me up and look at my price tag you see that I am expensive and not just some cheap thing you can buy with ease

But that doesn’t stop you, you come back and buy me anyway and take me home with you so we can play.

I thought of course he’d go home and put me on the highest shelf because I deserve nothing else.

But instead you throw me around like I am your personal playground and at the end of the day it was just me in utter dismay wondering why I couldn’t be treated a better way.

One day you take me outside to play but you throw me a little too hard and I break..

What will become of me now?..will we still play? or will you just simply throw me away?

The next day you take me outside and put me on top of a shelf, finally! I say to myself. He sees what I am worth and knows I deserve nothing but the best.

But a different boy comes by and picks me up. He had the same look in his bright eyes that you did the day you bought me for that expensive price.

He goes up to you and asks how much? and all you did was look me over once and say five bucks..

Was that all I was worth now? No! I am still that expensive doll you once loved and played with but now you’re saying that I am basically worthless.

I watched you turn into a distant memory as my new owner skipped with glee on his way home with me.

In that moment all I could think was on to the next boy who will play with me until I break then give me away for a price anyone can pay because I am no longer that expensive doll I guess now I’m just a cheap thing after all..

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