Domestic Freedom

Isolate me, cause me pain
What I allow to go on i am ashamed
Why do I let myself go thru this pain?
No bruises, Just mental anguish
How long am i going to put myself thru this?
He shouts "I love you!"
Just to mess with my head
Help me! I scream inside
Looking at you from the corner of my eye
Hurt, disgust, mad is what I feel!
I must run away and let myself heal
You drive me crazy, insane!
Somehow you are the only person in my brain
The things you do to me and I still take you back
You treat me like my name is Jack
I pray to survive without committing a sin
I pray to god this will all come to an end
My heart is broken, tears roll down my eyes
the only way for this to be over is if one of us dies.
God take me away today that I may see heaven
So that I may rest at the age of 37.
Children please understand i cant take no more
Into the sky I want to soar
This abuse I cant take no more
Its over, Its over! I thank the my dear lord.

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