Domestic Pain

How did I become the girl,
The girl so afraid of the big bad world.
The girl who was too afraid to stand up for herself,
The girl who left her feelings on the shelf.
The girl who bowed down to a man in fear,
The girl who had to have a fake smile to wear.
To afraid to stay,
To afraid to leave,
To afraid to scream somebody save me please.
The girl who was beat down by him the night before,
Then the very next day saying "I love you more"
The swollen bruises, and the ache in my head,
The pain and marks were hidden so there was nothing to be said.
I still believed him when he said he loved me,
Even tho I knew this isn't the way love is supposed to be.
How did I become the girl I said I'd never be like,
The girl dumb enough to let a man beat her and then stay the night.
I know now its not so easy to leave,
With all the threats, the fear, the unknown, and the plea.
How could I be so weak before,
I'll never forget the fake smile I wore.
I'm proud to say I'm no longer that girl,
I'm well aware I deserve much more.
I'm free of the hurt, I'm free of the pain,
Still receiving the threats, but no longer afraid.
I wake up to my Son with a REAL smile on my face,
He smiles back and that's the realest love one could ever embrace.

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