No longer your punching bag

You were once my everything,
Until I realized who you really were,
You said you loved me,
As you tackled me through our door,
Splinters all down my back,
Tears falling down my face,
Laying desperately on the floor,
Thinking, "How do I get out of this place?"
Feeling so lost and oh so alone,
This was not a home,
So many nights feeling worthless,
So many nights thinking "maybe I deserve this,"
So many nights crying alone in bed,
These continuous nightmares replaying in my head,
Thrown punches, bruises hidden,
I was fading to nothing, my grave you were digging,
I felt so trapped, I saw no escape,
But I had to get out before it was too late,
I needed to get out quickly,
You would never lay another hand on me,
I finally gained some strength,
I picked myself off of the floor,
The small self-esteem I felt,
I was headed for the door,
I sneakily packed up a bag in the middle of the night,
Left without saying a word and into the darkness I took flight...

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