A kid pauses and shudders at the sight,
Of another kid who happens to be white.
Where would he learn such injustice?
From the t.v he perceives as luscious,
And constantly eats its profound rubbish.
Like a starving man who likes to purge,
On others prejudice thoughts and inaccurate words.
Yet where are his parents, who teach him nothing,
But to gorge on the fruits of other's opinions?
They're sitting next to him of course,
Creating that little boy's pause,
Preaching what their parents had told them
"White people are dangerous, bad, manipulative men."

His parents hated the sight,
They loathed and shuddered at the colour white.
"Your great grandpa supported his family,
His sick mother and younger brother,
They wouldn't have survive without the sweat,
That seeped from his "black" neck.
But one day he died,
At the hands of a white woman's son who cried.
Holding a silver revolver,
Acting like a tough little soldier,
"Death to this imperfection! A bane on human existence!"

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