As I sit and stare at the ceiling,
I wonder what's brought me to such tears,
the torment after years and years
Forgive and forget, for what
you should feel the regret
The pain, that I've succumb
By now you would've made the assumption that I've been numb
Dead inside, you can't look past what you have, i
s this your excuse called pride?
Are you insane or just scared?
What keeps you from revealing, the thickness,
the wickedness bounds you from air?
I feel every night I suffocate just reminiscing
about what you should be but you're not
You were never a father, not even by a thought
You were always distant, ill
And when I finally got my free will
All you wanted to do was play the blame game,
A psychological game, one that I can name
So clearly, these memories ever so vibrant,
ones that steer me towards the lies of a tyrant
Betrayal years after years,to everyone in your path
all you ever did was wear a silk toned mask
Please don't come back and continue to push yourself farther
Because for now and forever I don't need a father.

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