Don't be afraid of life

Life is amazing and adventurous. It plays many games with us. I agree that sometimes life hurts a lot but instead of ruining our minds by overthinking every situation, let's find a way out to enjoy this beautiful journey filled with Gordian knots!!
Here's a poem---
Don't be afraid of life,
If you have lost your way,
Find a way to get out of it!
Are you so coward?
That you can't face life's stress and pain.
Show life that you are strong,
You grow and flourish in the face of danger.
Destroy the obstacle, challenge him to challenge you,
Tell him that winning is your destiny.
And, no power on Earth can demolish you,
Don't feel downhearted,
Just be calm and remind yourself " This shall too pass"
Your mind is stupid, it plays dirty tricks with you,
Just listen to your heart as it somehow knows how to get you out of this melancholy state,
Don't get into panic,
And remember no storm lasts forever.
It's never too late to say,
That today is the day to begin a new life.
Tell the hurdle that if he is powerful then you are much more than him as you are having your Jesus with you,
And with him, the stumbling block can't even touch you.
Have faith and keep going on!
You only live once, make the most of it.
Be a real hero and be the strength and an inspiration for others who are struggling with their lives!!


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