Don’t Be Conquered By The Mount

The great struggle,
A dangerous adventure.
The great climb.

Funny to think,
Only the strong,
Are not to go wrong.
The weak,
Climb the mountain,
But they are easily tamed.

The weak,
Wear their best pair of shoes.
Comfort on their feet They chose.
Leading them nowhere.
They will reach the top,
Swim the entire ocean,
But not once did they struggle.
Not once, did they live.

The strong;
Those who lead.
The unselfish, and the meek.
As they climb, a decision is made.
Shoes come off.
Yes, indeed.
The mountain is to be climbed by everyone.
But only the ones who choose to struggle,
Only those who conquer themselves
End up with The Mighty.

The barefooters will watch
as those with shoes pass by.
Bleeding toes and bruised soles.

But at one point or another,
everyone ends up at the top;
they will see each other face to face.
"I got here first" says the one with shoes.
"Without suffering your humanity is lost" says the shoeless,
"Without suffering one forgets there are better things.
Without suffering one forgets the happy things,
I conquered the mountain.
I conquered myself…

I am happy that I finished,
For my feet ache;
I finally found my rest.
You, in the other hand,
Struggle you do not know,
You shall keep on roaming comfortably but blindly,
Until you realize the best rest in found after hardship,
After pain.”

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