Don’t Burn Bridges, Build Them

Why can't you become a lawyer like your sister
or a doctor like your brother
You're so smart why would you waste it
Anyone could be a writer think about your future
See I'm not so different than my brother or my sister
I prosecute hatred in my words
Speaking only truth and nothing but the truth right hand up to god
Sworn oath to condemn judgment
Don't imprison my words like the jury my sister preaches to
Like my brother I heal
Heal my own aches and sorrows
and I can save lives by pointing out the injuries self inflicted
by believing the words flung at us by bigots
The lines all bandage stitch up
I use my pen to perform my own open heart surgery
No anesthesia to ease the pain
only passion keeps me from flat lining on the table
No mom and dad I'm not rich and I'm not famous
but I'm succeeding by my own standards
Each person who listens even just for a moment
is like another patient saved or case closed

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