Don’t Come Close to Me

Don't love me my heart is evil.
I can take pain, you don't want this poison.
stay away from me I could be a problem that you don't want.
I was hurt many times, my eyes were burning like fire.
I've been hurt deeply by people.
people brought me right back to that place of pain.
no one loves me, I was on my own.
fighting to stay alive.
I could hear you calling for me but I cant go with you.
you speak to me without asking me if I'm okay.
you follow me around each and everyday.
you make me see things that hurts my feelings.
you took the best of me.
I hate how you make me feel worthless.
you never cared about me you only cared about her.
who is she making you leave me.
you couldn't of chase me then, so leave me now.
you played with my heart like you own it.
never the less you always made me look like a fool stuck on you.
I look down when I see you.
I try so hard to escape from this pain .
I'm falling for the wrong guy he picks and choose to love me.
he punches me, abusing my body.
he tell's people he hates me but calls me his sweet lady.
last night he texted me saying he wants me back.
I was happy at first but then it hit me.

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