Don’t Compare Yourself to the Sky

Don't compare yourself to the sky
It doesn't end well
It was horrible
I was resting on a hill
Staring at the beauty of the universe
The shiny starscape engulfing my self-esteem
I whisper, 'Why is it so breathtaking and so hurtful?"
The tears of inadequacy flood my grey-blue eyes
The tears start to cascade down my face
They fall from my chin and puddle at my feet
But soon enough they aren't just puddles anymore
The puddles turn into the ocean
My tears are just raindrops
I am swept away by the tide
And I am alone with my emotions
They fester until I am unstable
Then my heartbeat quickens
I am in a whirlwind of crimson red and disarray
The vivid visions just don't go away
No matter how hard I try
I look back up to the sky for guidance
But I am granted the cold shoulder
The sensation of sadness wears off
But the depression lingers
I know what I have to do
but I stop myself and I realize...
The sky tries to hypnotize people to do its bidding
With its dazzling stars
And sparkly planets
But you can't listen to it, for nothing is as alluring, elegant, and all-around as magnificent as it
So don't compare yourself to the sky
Unless it is pain you wish to push upon yourself

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