Don’t fall In Love With A Dreamer

Dreamers will spin you tales of wonder
And paint a picture so vivid
But their promises are like sand
Slipping through your fingers

Don't fall in love
With a dreamer
For dreamer’s heart is forever wandering
And you'll be left alone to pick up the pieces

They’ll chase after rainbows
And search for the pot of gold
But they’ll never find it
And you'll be left feeling cold

Don't fall in love
With a dreamer's whimsical ways
For they’ll never stay grounded
And you'll be left in a daze

They’ll whisk you away
To a world of make-believe
But when reality sets in
You'll be left to grieve

So don't fall in love
With a dreamer's charming lies
For you deserve a love
That's solid and true, not just in disguise.

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