Don’t Forget

He called her at his mama's on 59 and Vine,
to tell her that the call came through and they said it was his time.
That he'd be leaving her in Texas to do his duties overseas,
but he'd be back before she knew it and he began to ask her, Please.

Dont forget to check on grandma as often as you can,
and dont forget to stop by mama's and feed my bird dog Sam.
Dont forget to keep on smilin and keep Jesus in your life,
and know no matter where you go he's right there by your side.

He does his best to write and call her as often as he can,
but its hard for him to find the time with his rifle in his hands.
But she never gives up hope that the day will someday come,
when they'll make a life together and turn a house into a home.

Then one night her dreams were shattered as a voice came on the line.
It said he wouldn't make it home, as she hit her knees and cried.
She never got to say "I Love You" or even say "Goodbye",
but she knows he's now in Heaven and he walks where Angels fly.

But she still checks up on Grandma as often as she can,
and every Sunday stops by Mama's with flowers in her hands.
Then they drive on out to see him in that field made of stone,
and as she places the wreath upon his cross she whispers
"Welcome Home"

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