Don't Forget To Look

Deep into the bright stars,
What do the human eyes choose to see?
What makes a person realize,
How small problems truly are?
The outside is not yet over-rated;
The birds and the bees are waiting,
To tell stories,
And really feel alive again.
Nothing can deprive them of adventure
Because they are still told,
“Do Not Be Afraid,”
By the Holy Spirit,
And Legends will continue to prosper.
Each soul holds this same authenticity, so
Technically, all humans can be Legendary.
The technicalities are squished in a fearful World,
Therefore, each human must keep searching.
As a group of living creatures,
The population will break barriers
By looking deep into each other’s hearts.
“Who Am I?”
Fate comes by with her reply…
“Come find out, young rebel,”
“I’ve been trying to tell you the secrets,”
So, on this journey, don’t forget to say,
To Fate, right in her eyes, “Okay, I’m ready.”

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