Don’t Get Struck by Society’s Lightning Bolt

Sacrifices. Noble, in some cases.
Harmful in my case.

I sacrificed my full head of midnight colored hair
for four lines on my stomach.
I sacrificed my red river of womanhood
for a valley between my thighs.
I sacrificed eating so that the
scavenging wolves of society wouldn’t eat me.

My bones grew weak and I was grateful.
My layer of protection was ripped away,
and I was relieved.
My rigid clumps of hair floating farther down
the shower drain like my concept of reality.

Starvation fueling my motivation.
In carving out my waist, I carved out my soul.

But it wasn’t my fault.
I was struck by the lightning bolt filled
with the standards and sick turpitude of mankind.
I was held hostage by an unforgiving cycle as
consistent as the spin of the earth around its axis.

The earth’s axis promotes life; my axis promotes death.

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