Don’t Give Up

Emotional pain is like a thousand knives to your heart.
The only difference is that the heart never falls apart.
At every corner, depression is there.
Waiting for you, with that evil glare.
but don't worry, it will go away.
But once joy is gone, depression is there to stay.
I know you don't want to hear the truth but it's true.
It's been with me, but now it's coming for you.
so get ready, because it's strong.
Who knows how long you'll have to hold on.
Weeks, months, or even years.
But don't worry, God knows just how much you can bare.
he will never leave or neglect you.
He is there to care for, love, and protect you.
so when you feel like you can't take it.
Just keep fighting, cause I'll'll make it.
So don't you ever give up,
Just have a little faith and look up.
And when it's all over, thank God for all he has done.
Rejoice and be glad,....for He has won.

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