Don’t Give Up on You

When things seem to be all twisted and tossed,
when many things seem to be upside down,
when it seems life circumstances want get better,
When blows in life just keep coming,
when it seems there's no more love within you,
when it seems as though life trials are keeping you down,
it's as though you cannot seem to keep
a float above life's waters,
don't give up on you"
many times things may seem twisted, tossed,
and it seems as if you're standing all alone,
don't give up on you"
when it seems as though you may have face more than
your share of trials and troubles in your life,
you may succeed as you continue to stand your ground,
although the paste of things maybe running a bit slower,
don't give up on you,
although you are standing alone
and it seems as though you are not loved,
don't give up on you"
you can certainly make it through life,
just because you failed at some things,
this doesn't make you a failure in life"
you can make it in life. Don't give up on you,
know that you are special and significant in this world.

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