Don’t Hit Me Anymore!

I'm so special; that you don't see, it is not my concern for
I will tell you for the last time, don't hit me anymore.
I'm not your punching bag, what kind of person hits
a rose;
Water and plenty of sunlight, is all it needs for it to
The bruises on my soul are unseen but, still they hurt;
Not the smacks and the punches but, the fact I let
you dictate my worth.
Not again, no not ever will I submit, give up or stop;
You have been giving my heart nothing, so for you
nothing it has got.
I'm rebuilding, growing strong day by day, breath
by breath.
I can thank you for one thing, that's introducing me to
I know that now I'm strong, strong enough to
shut the door,
So that I will never have to worry about you hitting
me anymore!

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