Don’t hurt me

By Mr Long   

My night stands are covered with open bibles,
Praying daily for calling to stop,
I'd love just to want a pop,
But have to nod to the odd,
Meaning vod-ka mixing with that shit,
I'm hit, it's a fuckin feeling I hate,
Every fuckin day, it's a drinking date,
Not pussy, not dick, just an addiction that's sick,
I'm only irritable when it's in me,
Drives me to write,
Drives me to think,
Unfortunately it drives me to drink more,
I'm an acoholic whore,
I can barely walk,
I fall,
I trip,
Fuck it all,
Sometimes I bust my lip
They say be good,
Or be good at it,
Unfortunately again it's this drinking shit,
I want to try,
To everyone in the sky,
Watching down,
As I drink just to frown,
I'm happy not down,
Guess a depression drives it,
Bullshit I'm bored that's it,
I work, I have good life,
Great wife,
So it's fuckin addiction, straight strife,
I guess eat my ass,
Maybe tomorrow the vodka shelf I might

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