Dont Judge Me

Why do I always feel like this?
Its a horrible feeling
Taking over my mind
And in this time I feel like killing
Why do people always judge me?
I'm a lock an they found the key
They keep opening the door to see
Why can't they just let me be
I cant stand the way they despise
An how they make up all these lies
What they don't see is the look in my eyes
If they did they would see how my heart cries
I hate people being fake
Now that's a big mistake
It makes me feel like i want to brake
Because all they do is take
Inside I'm dying
My boyfriend's shoulder is wet from all my crying
I can't take this pain no more
All inside I'm emotionally sore
I'm not going to take this everyday
I've got to forget about what they say
To they face I will define
Exactly what is on my mind!

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