Don’t Judge Me

Don't judge me by the clothes I wear,
Or by the color of my hair.

Don't judge me by the words I speak,
Because they're not always the ones you seek.

Don't judge me by the color of my eyes,
Or by my anorexic or obese, waist size.

Don't judge me by my beliefs or race,
Or by the scar that runs across my face.

Don't judge me because you think I'm weird,
I may be different, but don't have to be feared.

Don't judge my actions or the way I talk,
Don't judge me because I limp when I walk.

Don't judge me because of who I love,
Or the lack thereof.

Don't judge my future or my past,
Don't classify me in a caste

Don't label me, I'm one of a kind.

For only God can judge me.

And his judgements I shall soon find.

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