Don\'t let hope be stolen..

In a world where shadows dance and whispers tell,
Don't lose hope, for destiny weaves its spell.
Everything happens for a reason untold,
In the tapestry of time, a story unfolds.

Hope, a rare gem, gleams in the darkest night,
Once stolen, frustration takes its biting bite.
It leaves one an empty shell, hollow and cold,
Yet within despair, a resilient spirit may hold.

Frustrators may come, like storms they may roar,
Frustrating a nation, down to its very core.
But deep in the hearts, a flame persists,
For hope endures, it stubbornly insists.

Like a compass guiding through the tempest's gale,
Hope whispers softly, setting hearts afloat, setting sail.
For in the labyrinth of fate, twists and turns,
Tomorrow may bring a symphony that yearns.

So cling to hope, let it be your guiding star,
It's the beacon that shines, no matter how far.
Through valleys of darkness and mountains steep,
Hope is the promise that the soul will keep.

In the garden of challenges, let hope bloom,
A resilient flower that can withstand doom.
For every setback, a lesson to learn,
In the dance of life, let hope be your turn.

Don't lose hope, in the symphony of time,
Notes of joy and sorrow, a rhythm sublime.
For even in chaos, there's a hidden rhyme,
Everything happens for a reason, in its own prime.

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Don\'t let hope be stolen..