don’t listen to your giants

I wake up every morning wishing I could be like jack
Wake up in the morning roll out of bed and beat something other then someone’s lyrical smack
Something bigger, take a figurative hack at of one of my fears
Have it come tumbling down and I be swallowed by cheers
But right now I’m swelled up with tears
Listening to the taunting of my giants
All while sitting there quite (shhhh)
Cuz I’m too scared for me to fight it
Too scared to pick up that figurative axe
And take a figurative swing at that giant blade of grass
Too bad I only have the guts to look at the axe and stand fast
My horrible past floods in
Images in my head of when
My confidence was striped from me
But hey blessed are the meek
But I’m not meek I’m lukewarm
Simply torn
Having been reborn
But never changed
Have I been living a lie?
Thinking I’m saved just because I say I am
Standing in the church leading prayer meanwhile I’m damned
I wish I could take a figurative axe to this question
That frustrates me but you wouldn’t now by my facial expression
Its Halloween year round for me I guess
Always wearing this mask of easy come easy go all the while depressed
Feeling lost in an ocean on the deck distressed
And yo I’m getting seasick
And as I listen to the clock tick
The more I want to abandon ship
But like I always say the storm never lasts
I don’t have to be al rocker to know the forecast
To know that the suns got to come up soon
But I wake up to find I haven’t even set sail cuz I’m too scared
Now ain’t that weird
Almost as weird as me talking about imaginary giants (ha)
I laugh cuz they’re not
The giants are whatever stops you or so you think
As soon as you quit you could’ve been on the brink
Of beating your giants just with simple defiance
Saying hey you’re not going to stop me
All of a sudden they start to agree
And you realize the only thing stopping me is me

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