Don’t Look Back

Don't stop, please go on.
I know what's on your mind.
You want to turn and look behind.
Don't do it. If you do,
you will see their sad faces
with tears rolling down their cheeks
as they wave good-bye.

Camina, I mean walk, don't stand still.
I share your pain; I feel the heavy weight on my feet, too.
My throat is so constricted as is yours
and I, too, gasp for air this very moment.

Look, the kids have gone ahead
not noticing what we are going through.
Please lift your feet one at a time;
let your tears flow to dissipate the pain and carry on.
Remember, our lives that have been on hold for a while,
are waiting for us in our second home.

I understand how hard it is to separate from loved ones.
Hopefully, this is not "good-bye"
or adios as we say it in Spanish,
rather, this is "see you later," hasta luego,
until our return.

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