Don’t Look Down! (Fixed Copy)

You are not the problem nor a burden,
but that mind makes you unaware.
Wishing to end your life ...
It would all be better, you swear.
But the reality is ...
That everyone truly does care.
Remaining trapped and oh so scared ...
The bizarre to your brain you cannot bare ...
But I promise you'd regret the choice,
the very moment your lips lose air.
Before you crash, just analyze what it would do,
to all of the ones who do and could love you.
Your heart is beating for a purpose,
it has taken me nine years to learn this.
In some cases, it just takes more time.
Do not allow suicide to take your life.
Become a prevention inspiration,
not the phone call they'll receive at the station.
Find some type of motivation, some sort of saving.
Do not become another memorial day obligation.
You are far too good enough,
no matter what you have done.
And what's causing you to feel this weak,
only makes you that much more unique.
Promise me you'll hold on tight,
no matter how bad it gets ...
In the day or in the night.
I promise you, it'll be alright.
So fight that damn fight!
Come to peace with that beautiful mind!
You're far too special to end your life!

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