Don’t Make No Mistakes

What are you doing making another mistake?
How can you say it's love? When we don't understand
When they try to help you you want to put them down.
Next thing you know you're now the one looking like the clown.

You want to think and hope that they are the one.
But when your name come to their mind they think you're just for fun.
Like they always say nothing ever comes for free.
So we have to work hard for everything we want work hard indeed.

Forget about all these people because you really don't need them.
Only person you need is Jesus and make sure you keep him.
Put your trust in him because he his going to always be there.
You can fall in love with him don't ever be scared.

He won't take advantage of you and he'll never leave your side.
He is always there to love you and provide.
Never forget this saying, "God is love."
So when you're in need just look up above and know that he is there.
Looking down and will always be with you even until the end.

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