Don’t Name Her After a Flower

I stop feeling cold
When you look at me.
"The moon loves you." I say.
"When you look at her, she no longer dreams of knowing the sun."
You are like Warmth:
A sunflower growing from a stained coffee pot.
You are like Springtime in April:
An iris powered in fragrance and moondust.
You are like Love:
A pale white tulip,pinched until pink tinges its petals.
You are like many things,
But you exist as a Rose:
Burning deep red and blooming at the edges.
It is a dangerous thing, to be compared to a flower,
For us lovers have tend to kill
The things we can't bear to lose.
I wanted to press you between the
Pages of a book or tuck you behind my ear.
But Winter took you for her own.
And in your absence, stars have settled in the pools beneath my eyes.
But even from afar, you have made a galaxy within myself.
You make me want to paint masterpieces or compose symphonies:
To become things I can never be.
You make me Beautiful.
I have run out of ways to make it sound pretty, but I love you.

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