Don’t settle for death

I am holding hands with a deadman
only if your words were alive
Senseless lies may calm the tide
not extinguish an inflamed mind

A deadman holds my hand
In rue of all we planned
My fire reminds you of another man
The flame of love, or is it hell
Was it fate, I really couldn’t tell
I find respite in your absence
Curdled passion, I lay impassive
Life ain’t simple : scholastic
Relationships are hard: move past it
No, I do not lack compassion
Just staying clear of distractions

Deadman walking ,
no longer gonna force it
Dirty water but won't fix the faucet
Never read a word , my heartfelt sonnets
Learn a new trick you washed up possum
All of you couldn’t handle my awesome

Amiss my worries I found what is real
Not a man nor cheap thrills
Sleeping while angry , was starting to kill
The person I worked hard to build
Look where I stand
As my tears salt the earth around me

I was holding hands with a deadman
But now I really see
It wasn’t him who was dead,
It was me.
I gave the best part of me
But had nothing left to keep
Leaving you and truly loving me
Now I can finally Breathe.

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