don’t shut down cause of one

As I sit here crying in bed
Hurt cause of the truth you said
Crying here writing this last song
Bout how I truly felt bout you even tho I didn't know you that long
So before I hit the first verse just remember this don't judge me on my history or my mental health you see I didn't ask to be this way its just how god chose to  make me

I know we just met
But I felt like I've already known you from the get
 when I looked deep into your eyes I was able to read and see your whole life
You didn't really say much but I already know who you were even tho you try to hide and act tuff
Deep down your hurt I can tell because I live a life full of hurt
See I've been through a lot and experience enough to know when someones been hurt by a thing called love
I've been down that road like you
But the only thing is I dont let it take over me like a fool
Yeah I was hurting for awhile but then I'd open my eyes and realize I deserve to smile
See you say you don't want anything serious because of that but I know
That just a bunch of crap cause you said you dated before after that but just be honest I'm not your type of girl its OK to hurt me with your truth and honesty
Cause at least I can see your not a bitch to me
See I've been hurt right before you came through my doors
It wasn't cool cause I was really falling for em to but then you came into my life and I thought I had a chance to make one thing right
But I guess that was just all fake and lies cause now you say you just see me as a friend in life
Can I say just one thing to you I'm not like all the girls you dated I would never hurt or leave you
All I wanted was just something real a chance to show you I'm not a little girl see I have what they say is real love and I want to give it to you and show you what its capable of
But if you don't want it then that's OK your the one whose missing out on something good just to say
See I would never hurt you or do you dirty but I guess thats the kinda love you want cause you had it already
See I'm not one to judge cause Ive been there and fell for the same wrong love before
But the difference is I grew up and realize that that's not how I want to live my life anymore
And yea I know I just said some things to you but I had to be real and honest with you
I may suffer with bi polar and depression
But doesn't mean I should be judge and labeled as a crazy person
See I'm human to and I deserve to have real love just like everyone whose normal like you
The only difference is I hurt quicker but that doesn't make me any different then anyone thinner
See I suffered a lot and that's why I deal with that stuff it wasn't something I ask for from the heavens up above it was something giving to me and I hate it
But that doesnt make me any different then you cause we all get hurt and deal with some what the same issues
Just remember this before you judge me
Of my sickness remember the girl that you met and went on a date with
Cause that girl was me the real me and the little bit of happy girl inside of me
I showed you the fun loving caring girl that I am don't let that changed just cause I told you what I deal with when I'm hurt by a man so don't let that affect you and play with your head and think bad of me cause what I said

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