Don’t Wake Me If I’m Dreaming

When you walked into my life I never would have dreamed
that you'd come to mean so much to me.
You've shown me what it's like to be loved
I swear you've been sent to me from up above.
What we have is what every couple dreams of
unique, loving and tough.
When I am weak; you are strong,
when I think it's time to let go; you hold on.
You prove to me there's nothing to run from;
not everyone is full of harm.
You make me better than where I came from.
If I were a garden you'd be the green thumb.
I know I still have mountains to move
but I know I can since I have you.
Nothing has ever moved me more than
knowing you'll always be there to pick up off of the floor.
For you have given me everything I've ever wanted and more
and never once looked towards the door.
I know one day we'll will be groom and bride
but no matter what we'll always be side by side.
Miles apart or in each other's arms, as hard as times can be
there will always be you and me.

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