Don’t You Ever Give Up

So here I write for the twentieth time,
Thinking up words to make it rhyme,

Scribbling and tearing up a bunch of pages,
Till the soul inside me rages,

They say try and try until you succeed,
Work and work until you bleed,

Even though the path looks endless,
Or it all looks a mess,

Even though you do not fit,
Or you keep falling into a pit,

Don't you ever quit,
Don't you ever quit.

Sometimes I just wonder,
What is my biggest blunder,

Maybe I am just another writer,
Or maybe I need a lighter,

To light the spark that I need in me,
But the most important thing is to not flee,

Maybe this time there will be some minds that I will hit,
Else, I will try again and make the best use of my wit,

Don't you ever quit,
Don't you ever quit.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about not giving up even after you fail or keep falling. You just have to get up and try again.