It is dark.
And mankind has left its mark.
No more blue, no more green.
Nothing left to be seen.
We can run and we can hide, but death has a mind,
And it kills us with pride.
The world that was once, like the garden
Of Eden, has become a breeding ground for murder and
The world tries not to repeat its mistakes, and yet we
Learn about them everyday. Time is continuous, like a
Video on replay. Another dreaded day closing in on our
Today it is dark. And the earth has fallen.
There is gray, and there is black.
No one left to see more.
As if a tsunami crashed onto land and demolished the
He earth has fallen and us along with it.
As she burned into ashes, her screams filled the air
With despair.
Her wrath shamed upon us,
Leaving not even the last breathe of
Innocence in the world. Today it is doomsday.

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