Door of Five

DOORS of Five
At one time we were babies. Born with five basic gifts
Each gift was created for a purpose But without true purpose
Each will bring disaster and death
We are innocent at first, but time runs its course
From dependent to independent to control to rebellion to need to want
Not caring what the cost will bring.
With each hurt, the doors become hard
With each abuse, another bolt is added.
Then the signs go up outside the doors
“Leave me alone!” “Don’t want to listen to anyone!” “KEEP OUT”
“Stay away” “I’ll eat what I want.” “I do not care.”
Time goes by locking the person inside by fear and doubt
Many times the person goes by the doors to listen
Only with trembling hands reaching for the door
Just hesitating and wondering what could be on the other side
But one day the person gets the courage
To place an ear close to the door listening for anything
That is if there is someone or something on the other side
This goes on for days, months, years
Finally, the person hears a faint whisper
Panic sets in wondering who it is
The person makes sure the doors are still well locked
But still hears the voice
Next a quiet knock
But the person within yells through the door,
“Don’t you see the signs?”
“KEEP OUT!”,” Leave me alone!”, Don’t want to listen to anyone!”
But the person on the other side whispers calling the person within
The person within can hear the voice calling his name
Now the person outside whispers “Please let me in.
I will not hurt you nor rob you.”
“Please let me come in. For I want to dine with you.” “
I’ll cook you a feast that
You never experienced. “
The person within was a little hesitant about opening the door to a stranger.
One by one he unlocked the bolts. Lastly, he reached for the door knob
And opened the door a crack. There stood a friendly face with a hand reaching out To him just to shake his hand.
So he reached out to shake the person’s hand while studying him.
He let him in and the person cooked a feast.
That was the best meal he ever had.
He embraced every word that was spoken.
This began the process of freedom

Richard H. Baldwin 8/21/2015

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