I’m your dope in order for you to cope
Your only way of survival i’m your only hope
Don’t let them replace me with that methadone
Embrace this addiction let it be known
I’m the high that’s making your vision cloudy
Don’t panic i’ll take care of you proudly
Now your trying to cover me up and hide me
I’m the dopest high in your life how could you deny me?
Then just leave without a trace til that withdrawal kicks in
Sweat dripping down ya face I know you're needing me again
Heart beating fast and i’m the fix you desire
Starting to panic and your chest feels like it’s on fire
Pleading to bring my dope ass back home
You want that high back & you feeling all alone
Don’t worry baby i’m coming to put you back in that zone
I just can’t promise I’ll come running every time you hit my phone

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This is about embracing how dope of a person you are and accepting that not many people are going to realize that and by the time they do it'll be to late. Most people feed off your energy and happiness, hurt people hurt people is what they say and has a lot of truth to it. I read in a very encouraging book "avoid the unhappy and the unlucky".