Have you ever felt it?
That moment between sleep and wake
When you can still remember dreaming -
Almost like a lost memory,
You know it is somewhere in the back of your mind
But no matter how hard you try to recall,
It doesn't resurface.
There is where I knew you as the person I have never met
And the lover I will never meet.
I don't remember what we had shared or whether we had spoken at all.
I know not of the feeling of being in your presence.
Your face is an eternal mystery
And I'll never know the sound of your voice. But
I do know that you were important to me in that parallel universe.
I was as much yours as you were mine.
In that moment you were a brilliant red staining the cold ground,
you were millions of butterflies fluttering over a meadow of dreams -
in slumber land, you must've been home.
Else why would my being linger in dormiveglia?
What existed was a bloom of roses,
Too fabulous for the vase in which they were placed.
As a result, the balance had tipped and the vase had fallen -
Petals scatter the floor amongst jagged shards
For the glass has already shattered.
You never existed in the dream I can't remember
And we will never see the light of day.

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