Double Blade

she's alone, all by herself,
the world has turned their back to her face.
She cries and cries filled with shame,
wanting to jump off a plane.
Her friends make her feel worse and worse,
having her want to turn into a
It was her fault that she agrees,
but it could have been her dead on her knees.
They don't know what he did to her,
It was self-defense says the jury and the court.
Every time she closes her eyes,
she pictures the hurt she felt inside.
cutting herself for 18 years
nobody knows the pain and tears.
Remembering the blood dripping from the knife,
make her want to take her life.
All she wanted to do was be loved
so she took those punches when he came from above.
she wanted no more enough was enough
so she ran into the kitchen and started to act tough.
one punch, two punch, the third did not come,
she ran for the knife and stabbed him in his tum.
Everyone judges her not overlooking it,
but want to keep asking questions to
feel it.
She stays in her room laying on her bed wondering
what would have happened if he wasn't dead.

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