Double Edged Sword

When I am away from you I hate you
When I am close to you I love you
When you heal me I love you
When you hurt me I hate you
You are the poison that seals my death
You are the antidote that brings me breath
To me you are my best friend my lover my scar
To you I am nothing but a good time without the bar
With you I leave my heart and my soul
Without you I am left heartbroken and not whole
You look into my eyes and do not see the hurt that you cause
I look into your eyes and see love without flaws
I do not see the harm and the hurt and the pain
Until it is to late and you have me again
Wrapped around your finger tight as a vice
Capturing my soul without thinking twice
You are always there holding me when others do not care
Yet at night I cry thinking about how you are the true scare
You have my heart and you do not even know it
I love you to death and I can not even show it
It hurts to much to try and speak about this to you
So I wrote this poem not knowing what else to do
I hope if and when you read these words and hear my cry
You realize I will always love until the day that I die
In my eyes and heart you will always be adored
Alas you will also always be a double edged sword

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