Down Below

Down below the stars and moon,
City lights glow and cars go vroom
Down below is where crimes begin
And brothers and sisters meet their ends
This is a place of sadness and doom
This is a place of heartache and gloom
Down below is where the trees grow mad
Down below is where they hiss and yell
As the wind blows pass
And down like rain comes chunks of hell
And the echoes of thunder
So loud and frail
Down below the night is worse
Where everyone's evil
And everyone's cursed
This is the time where triggers are pulled
Where violence and fury end with red pools
Down below the stars and the moon
The streets are clouded with sadness and gloom.

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This Poems Story

I love poetry. My poems are full of exaggerations and emotions. Poetry can set people free of their inner emotions. This is why I wrote "Down Below," to express some of my feelings about some of the horrible things that go on below the stars and the moon. My poems are always full of life and hyperbole that make them vivid, but a puzzle at the same time. I love writing poems and always will.